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How does your online marketing performance stack up to your competition?

Your Digital Marketing Analysis measures your online presence across a variety of channels, including your website, listings, reputation, social media, SEO, and advertising. Performance metrics and grades enable you to concentrate on gaps in your business’ digital marketing.

How can a Digital Marketing Analysis help your business?

Illustration of Callie the cat surrounded by cat toys with a worried look on her face.

Meet Callie

Callie sells cat toys. She has a website and has done some advertising, but isn’t getting much business. She reaches out to her friends at Calico Design & Digital Marketing for advice. They explain that the best way to solve the problem is for her to put herself in her customers’ shoes to see what they are experiencing. The experts at Calico Design call this the Customer Journey.

Your Customer’s Journey Takes Five Steps (Literally and Figuratively)

STEP 1: Awareness

This is the point where consumers become aware that your product or service exists and you make them interested enough to learn more about your business. This can be done through mediums such as social media, advertising, trade shows, email/text marketing, online search, and so on.

Illustration of Callie the cat with a thought bubble that reads "I just spent quite a bit of money advertising our organic catnip toy mice."
Illustration of Callie the cat asking Alexa who sales organic catnip toy mice near her. Alexa answers with the name of her competition. Callie wonders if her competition is benefiting from her ads.

STEP 2: Findability

Once you have their attention, chances are great that they are going to research your business online. If they don’t find consistent information, they might get frustrated and go with the competitor they DO find. It is crucial that your business’ online listings and business information, like hours of operation, address, and contact information, are up to date wherever they are found.

STEP 3: Reputation

After they find you, they want to make sure they can trust you. So, they read your online reviews. Keep in mind, they aren’t just looking at what people say, they also want to see how you respond. Managing your online reputation by monitoring and responding to reviews frequently helps your business rank above your competitors in local searches and shows consumers that your business prioritizes genuine customer service. Effectively doing this also humanizes your brand, allowing your customers to feel more connected and invested in the growing relationship.

Illustration of Callie the cat thinking about the online reviews that she has and wondering how to respond to them.
good website design needed - illustration of calico cat thinking about how slow her website loads

STEP 4: Conversion

Now is the moment of truth! They finally visit your website. Is your website set up to quickly and effectively convert visitors to customers? Can they easily find information and purchase from your website? Is it mobile friendly? Your website should be designed with the user experience top of mind, enabling quick customer conversion.

STEP 5: Advocacy

You’ve probably heard it said time and again that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. This is 100% true! A local business’ best advocates are their happy customers. Reaching out to customers for reviews improves your overall star rating on popular review sites and helps inform the purchase decisions of future consumers in your local market (Remember Step 3?).

Illustration of Callie the cat thinking about managing review requests
Illustration of market analysis report.

Finding Gaps in the Customer's Journey

Now that we’ve walked in her customer’s shoes, Calico Design & Digital Marketing provides Callie with a Digital Marketing Analysis that shows her digital pawprint. WOW! This report has insights into all sorts of critical information, letting her know where the gaps are in her marketing funnel! Calico Design cleans up the issues with her website. They also teach her to use their Digital Management Platform to easily manage her listings, reviews, and social media.

Callie, Queen of the Catnip

Callie knew that if she didn’t do something, she would use up all her nine lives trying to keep her brand alive. She is now so thankful for her friends at Calico Design & Digital Marketing. Her new website is beautiful, and the platform is super easy! Orders are pouring in, and the locals say that Callie’s Cat Toys is THE PLACE TO GO for cat toys. They love her, and she loves them! She is officially the CAT’S MEOW!

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Illustration of Callie the cat smiling with a crown on her head.
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Want the Hype Without the Hassle?

Do you want to be the CAT’S MEOW but don’t have time to efficiently manage your brand? Our Digital Management Platform is the answer for managing all your online listings, reputation, and social marketing. It’s the perfect all-in-one solution to support your brand.

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Calico Design & Digital Marketing, LLC provides proven marketing strategies and solutions at every step of the customer journey, nurturing brand loyalty and lasting customer relationships. With over 30 years in the industry, we utilize a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking to cultivate marketing campaigns both in print and online. We would love the opportunity to help your business grow!

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