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Website Renewal Options

Approaching the end of your 18-month agreement?

At this point in your website build journey, you should be seeing the fruits of your labor. Your 18-month website build agreement is complete, and you own your website and all of it’s content. Time to choose a hosting/maintenance package that fits your business’ needs. We offer three options: Full Renewal, Maintenance Only, and Premium Hosting.

Renewal Options

Full Renewal


of your current rate/18 months

Incorporate New Features
Site Re-Design
Current Rate Guarantee
Unlimited Content Updates
Ongoing Support/Consultations
Hosting & Security
Software Maintenance
Regular Backups

By continuing your current plan, you lock in your rate. Even if our rates go up, your rate will remain unchanged.

Maintenance only


of your current rate/12 months

Unlimited Content Updates
Ongoing Support/Consultations
Hosting & Security
Software Maintenance
Regular Backups

Take advantage of unlimited content updates at 40% off your current rate. A 12-month agreement is required. New features will be charged at our current hourly rate.

Premium Hosting


of your current rate/monthly

Hosting & Security
Software Maintenance
Regular Backups

Month-to-month billing at 20% of current rate. No agreement required. Additional updates will be charged at our current hourly rate.

Parting Ways… We would never want to lose you as a client, but you own your website files and could move your site to another company or hosting provider. We will provide you with a file that contains your entire website. We’ll also keep a backup of your site on our server just in case you change your mind.

Premium Website Hosting

Our premium website hosting is built for performance of loading your website. Better performance means better user experience. Our premium hosting includes daily backups, software maintenance, SSL certificate, security, staging, caching and DNS management.

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High Performance

  • Pick from closest data center
  • Server side full page cache
  • Server side object cache
  • Access to staging sites for testing changes without affecting production site
  • Quickly scale up or move to another data center within minutes when needed
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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Data served from POP nearest visitor
  • Proxy – DDOS protection from CloudFlare
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Monitoring - 4 Ways

  • Every 5 minutes for response and keyword
  • Daily for performance (we get notified if site is slow to load)
  • Daily visually (we get notified if there is a dramatic change in the page appearance such as a missing image)
  • Another dedicated server checks for response and keyword hourly and captures a screenshot (backup in case the initial 5 minute check monitor is offline)
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Backups – 3 places daily

  • Entire server stored in block storage in same data center as the web site
  • Offsite storage
  • Local copy in our office
  • Highly dynamic/high traffic sites can be backed up in as short as 5 minute increments (additional cost)
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  • Updates are not just set to auto load
  • Each site is checked daily
  • Based on our judgment of compatibility, we decide when updates are ready to be applied
  • Backups are made prior to all updates
  • Once updates are applied, the site is reviewed by us to confirm site is operating normally
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  • We stay on top of security developments and ensure all sites are exposing the proper headers to protect their users
  • 3 layers of Firewall (Server UFW and IP banning, Web Application OWAF)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • As new security developments arise, we take steps to implement necessary changes

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